Pär Strand

Professor and Director of Chalmers e-Science Centre, Department of Space Earth and Environment, Astronomy and Plasma Physics, Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy

Pär Strand is an Professor in Electromagnetic Field theoru. His research field is transport in Fusion Plasmas. He is involved both in analysis of experiments, mainly at JET, and develops analysis software for ITER, JET and other tokamak experiments. The long term aim of the research is to help establish fusion as a viable energy source for the future.

In addition to fusion research Pär is alos engaged in development of technologies for large scale simulation tools and data driven research and have been heavily involved in EU projects developing ICT tools for simulations. He is also the Director of Chalmers e-Science Centre.
Electromagnetic waves and components
​To see which research projects Pär Strand participates in, please visit the database Chalmers research.

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