Yvonne Nygård

Associate Professor,
Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

Yvonne Nygård works as Associate Professor in the Division of Industrial Biotechnology, specializing in cell factory design. Her main expertise is metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, and she is also involved in projects focusing on bioprocess engineering. Recently she has also started to work with bacterial CO2 conversion and bioelectrochemical systems.

The overall aim of Yvonne’s research is to accelerate the design-build-test-learn cycle for making novel production hosts for converting lignocellulosic (plant) biomass into sustainable fuels, materials, high-value chemicals or proteins. She works with industrial microorganisms (most often yeast or filamentous fungi), developing them into more robust, inhibitor-tolerant production organisms, so called cell factories. Industrial cell factories are needed for the realization of a bio-based economy.
PhD course
Coordinator, lecturer, Industrial Biotechnology for Lignocellulose Based Processes (5 ECTS)

Bachelor course
Examiner, Technical Microbiology (7.5 ECTS)

Director of the Master's Programme in Biotechnology (MPBIO)
Postdoctoral researchers
BoHyun Choi, Vaskar Mukherjee, Amanda Grace Vaz

PhD student
Maurizio Mormino, Ibai Lenitz Etxaburu, Chaeho Im

Project assistant
Emil Andreasson

MSc student

Emil Martinsson Budillon

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