Sara Nilsson

Post doc, Chemical Physics, Department of Physics

Currently, my research focuses on nanoplasmonic sensing of the oxidation mechanisms of nanoparticles, copper in particular. I study the optical response of single nanoparticles by dark-field scattering spectroscopy and characterize the optical readout together with the particle grain structure to gain information on how it is affecting the oxidation mechanisms.
The purpose for studying this is to learn more about catalytic nanoparticles and to use the characterization method during single particle catalysis experiments.

I joined the group in 2015 as a master student. During this time, I have also worked with nanofabrication on optical fibers and detection of protein adsorption on single core-shell Au/SiO2 nanoparticles as well as CO2 adsorption on colloidal silica nanoparticles.

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