Raffaella Negretti

Associate Professor, Division for Language and Communication, Dept. of Communication and Learning in Science (CLS)

I am associate professor of academic and scientific writing at Chalmers University of technology, department of Communication and Learning in Science. The focus of my work is on academic writing, writing for research purposes, genre pedagogy, HE learning and development, and self-regulation/metacognition. I am interested in how students become expert writers and learners in their disciplines, and I investigate how writing stimulates cognitive development, critical thinking, and creativity. I am also interested in qualitative research methodology and research ethics. I received my undergraduate degree (Laurea cum laude) in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Verona University. I hold an MA in English as a Second Language from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa (USA), Second Language Studies Department, and a PhD in Educational Psychology (UH Manoa). I have been teaching academic and research writing for more than 20 years to students of various levels and backgrounds, including at professional organisations, in Italy, USA, and Sweden. My scientific activity comprises a Fulbright research grant (1998), and two externally and internally funded research projects : "Writing that works" (2017-2018) on PhD students' writing, and "Scientific communication and metacognition" (2020-ongoing) on scientists' writing beyond publication. My articles can be found OA on Chalmers' institutional repository, Research.chalmers.se, and have been published in journals such as Written Communication, Journal of Second Language Writing, English for Specific Purposes Journal (ESPJ), Applied Linguistics, and Higher Education, among others. I am a member of various professional associations include EARLI (SIG writing and SIG metacognition), AAAL, EATAW, AESLA och AERA.

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