Nashita Moona

PhD Student, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Nashita Moona is a PhD student in the Division of Water Environment Technology, research theme Hazards and risks for drinking water resources and treatment, at Chalmers.
Her project focuses on developing methods to evaluate the affectivity of drinking water treatment plant barriers under normal and stressful conditions. Additionally under her project, optimization of these treatment plant barriers performances will be investigated. Methods that will be used are: surrogate microorganisms, fluorescence spectroscopy for development of models to evaluate barriers effectiveness and for hydraulic modelling.
Hydraulics and Water and Wastewater Engineering (VVB012 & LBT345)
Participates in the project "Risk-based Decision Support for Safe Drinking Water"

Chalmers Area of Advance:
Building Futures​

Published: Thu 15 Aug 2019.