Michael Patriksson

Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Michael Patriksson is professor of applied mathematics. His research spans models and algorithms for nonlinear optimization problems and variational inequalities, convex non-differentiable optimization, combinatorial optimization, and stochastic mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, all motivated by applications. Applied projects include maintenance and project scheduling, multi-objective combinatorial design, and traffic planning. When Michael is not working, he takes care of his family and his large collection of rare vinyl records.
​TMA947 Nonlinear Optimization

TMA521 Optimization, project course

MVE065 Topics in engineering mathematics

MMG630 Applied optimization
Department of Electrical Enginering, Chalmers: Maintenance of wind power systems

CHARMEC, Department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers: Maintenance of rails and wheels

Department of Signals & Systems, Chalmers: Optimization in signals and systems

The Business School, University of Gothenburg: Freight transport

Department of Mathematics, University of Linköping: optimization

University of Leeds, UK: traffic control and analysis

Ben-Gurion University, Israel: traffic control

Volvo Aero Corporation, Trollhättan: Production planning & Maintenance of jet engine components

SOAF (Svenska OperationsAnalysFöreningen, Swedish Association for Operations Research): vice president; interest group in maintenance optimization ​

Chalmers Areas of Advance: Energy and Transport

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