Mia Bondelind

Project leader, Dean of education ACE, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Mia Bondelinds research lies within the inter-disciplinary field of environmental systems and advanced mathematical modeling. Her position are focused on drinking water. Among other research questions trust and confidence for drinking water and water producers among consumers are investigated. Additionally, water treatment plants are evaluated by the development of a model for benchmarking. Other research interests include: sustainable water technologies and systems, multiphase flows with particles and droplets and computational fluid dynamics. Mia’s teaching obligations lie within the area of hydraulics, modeling and water and wastewater technologies.
​Hydraulik med VA-teknik (VVB012),
Vatten- och avloppsteknik (LBT345)
Modelling and problem solving in civil engineering (BOM035)

Published: Thu 04 Jul 2013. Modified: Mon 08 Apr 2019