Marianne Andersson

Post Doctoral Researcher

I have a PhD degree from Applied Mechanics at Chalmers within occupant protection. The title of my PhD thesis is Child Safety in Car Crashes: A Modeling Approach for Safety System Improvements. I have previously worked at Saab Automobile in Sweden with the development of seat belt restraint systems and child restraint systems, as well as with real life crash analysis and crash simulations.

My current research includes the development of assessment methods and tools regarding occupant protection in frontal and side crash of small electric vehicles. The assessment methods and tools are aimed at being applied in future legislation and consumer testing. These future assessments are intended to be based on simulations. The simulations will include both the pre-crash and the in-crash phase, and the simulation model will include the vehicle and active human body models.
​Supervisor in TME202 Traffic and Vehicle Safety

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