Marcus Linder

PhD, Technology Management and Economics and Center for Business Innovation (CBI)

Marcus Linder is PhD who works at Victoria Swedish ICT and collaborates with Center for Business Innovation (CBI) and the Division of Innovation Engineering and Management.

Marcus studies how small firms design their business models to better capture the value created from offering products and services with an unusually low environmental impact. He contributes to the literature on the business case for sustainability and environmental strategy.

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Articles on Marcus Linder

A book on environmentally smart business models (, 130321)
Chalmers researcher Marcus Linder has been the 2013 Renova environmental stipend. Renova recently announced this in a press release. The SEK 100,000 stipend is awarded annually and aims at stimulating research in the fields of the environment and recycling. Linder will use the money to write a book on remanufacturing as an environmentally friendly and smart business opportunity, and he thereby hopes to be able to disseminate his ideas to Swedish businesses.

Remanufactured electric bicycles preserve the environment and increase profitability (, 121113)
For almost a year, three Chalmers’ researchers have been drawing the outlines for a new business model for a bicycle manufacturer in Gothenburg. The main idea of the business model is to design the product for reuse and re-production already from the very beginning. According to the researchers this leads to increased profitability and ensures fewer products ending up at the garbage dump.


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