Malgorzata Zboinska

Associate Professor, Development Leader of the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Division of Architectural Theory and Methods

Malgorzata Zboinska is an Associate Professor in Digital Design, Fabrication and New Media Art. She is a licensed architect, a member of the Swedish Association of Architects and the National Chamber of Architects of Poland. Since 2019, she is responsible for the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory as its Creative Development Leader.

Malgorzata’s research reflects a hybrid crossover of art, architecture and technology. Specifically, it focuses on the development of creative digital design and fabrication methods for architecture, across the research fields of new media arts, CAD, CAM and CAE. The aim is to generate basic and applied knowledge relevant for applications in architectural practice, in areas such as new sustainable materials, digital craft, creative robotics and digital manufacturing, esthetics and user experience design, interactive architecture design and architectural research methodology.

Malgorzata's research is regularly presented in scientific journals and conferences. Her artistic work was showcased in Europe and North America, with major exhibitions at the Tempe Center for the Arts in the USA, Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands and Färgfabriken Center for Contemporary Art and Architecture in Sweden.

ACEX35 - Master theses in Architecture - supervision

ACE205 - Digital tools: manufacturing

ARK375 - Material models of architecture

ARK595/605 - Architectural history, theory, method (Hybrid Practice of Architecture)

ARK123 - Matter, space, structure 1

ARK258 - Matter, space, structure 3

AKA083 - Architectural theory and text

AFT081 - Architecture and space design

ARK064 - Restoration and urban revitalization​


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