Magnus Rydén

Professor, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology.

Magnus main research area is Chemical-Looping Combustion, which is a novel technology for utilization of fuels which involves oxidation of fuels with oxygen provided with solid oxygen carrier materials, rather than with air. This technology has several advantages compared to conventional combustion. It eliminates thermal formation of nitrogen oxides completely and, most importantly, the flue gases are not diluted with nitrogen from the combustion air. Instead, pure carbon dioxide is produced as flue gas, which can be sequestrated and prevented from reaching the atmosphere. In this manner Chemical-Looping Combustion can be used to eliminate emissions of the major greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

His other research areas includes novel methods for conversion of fuels to gaseous hydrogen, which can be used as a carbon free energy carrier in vehicles, power plants or for industrial purposes, and combustion and gasification of biomass in fluidized beds.

Magnus is teacher and examiner of the course Thermodynamics and Energy Technology (mtf042), which is a mandatory course for the program Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers.
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Page manager Published: Sun 21 Feb 2021.