Luping Tang

Professor/Research Group Leader, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Building Materials

Luping Tang is a full Professor at the Division of Building Technology, and supervises the research group Building Materials, at Chalmers. As a Professor of Building Materials, he focuses his research on cementitious materials and products, with a focus on durability of materials. The goal is to create knowledge, methods and models for material manufacturers, construction engineers and managers who can design, build and manage expensive buildings and infrastructure to maintain the desired functionality during the designed lifetime. Tang's method Rapid Chloride Migration (RCM) has received worldwide use.
​Tutor for Master students’ course BoM065 “Materials performance” since 2007
Teaching in Master students’ course BoM145 “Heat and moisture engineering” since 2007
Tutor for PhD students’ course “Measurement techniques” since 2009

​Chalmers Areas of Advance

Built Envrionment
Material Science

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