Lisbeth Olsson

Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

Lisbeth Olsson works in the area of Industrial Biotechnology focusing on design and use of enzymes and microorganisms in processes where plant cell wall material is converted to fuels, chemicals and material. Lisbeth leads the research group Industrial Biotechnology and is active in Chalmers Area of Advances Energy and Life Science Engineering. She works in the Wallenberg Wood Science Center (collaboration between Chalmers and KTH) aiming at developing materials from wood for the future. Lisbeth leads the Nordic collaborative project HGBiofuels that will lead to sustainable production of biofuels.
Lisbeth has broad teaching experience ranging from basic teaching at bachelor level to graduate training in the fields of life science, biochemistry, food microbiology, industrial biotechnology, fermentation technology, enzyme technology, process analytical technology and metabolic engineering. Currently she is teaching enzyme technology (part of KMB056), Industrial Biotechnology (Part of KBT 090) and gives the PhD course ”industrial biotechnology for lignocellulose based processes”.

Page manager Published: Mon 31 Jan 2022.