Ulf Lennart Sandberg

Researcher at the division of Production Systems, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Ulf is a researcher in industrial maintenance. He participates in the research project "Data analysis in maintenance planning - DAIMP". Ulf is a former Professor of maintenance engineering at University West and the University of Skövde. The goal of the research is to increase the industry's plant utilization and increase the accuracy of maintenance work by utilizing information from malfunctions and errors in the entire product population.
​My 3 most important publications
  • Sandberg, ”Optimum maintenance using knowledge from a complete product population, Proc Euromaintenance 2012, Belgrade.
  • Sandberg, ”How an enlarged maintenance function affects the performance of industrial maintenance and maintenance services, Int J Strat Asset Mngmt, Vol1, No3, 2013, pp265-275.
  • Sandberg, Scmidt, Wang, ”Management of factory and maintenance information for multiple  production and product life-cycle phases”, Proc Comadem 2014, Brisbane.

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