Leif Eriksson

Associate Professor, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing, Earth and Space Sciences

Leif Eriksson came to Chalmers 2004 and since 2012 he is group leader for the research group Radar Remote Sensing. His research is aimed at development of methods to make measurements of land and ocean with radar data. Focus is mainly on the use of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) from satellite and aircraft for studies of forest (biomass, clear cuts, storm damage) and sea ice (ice concentration, ice drift, ice thickness) as well as wind and currents at the sea surface.
  • RRY055 Remote Sensing
  • RRY080 Radar Systems and Applications
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Other projects
  • Space-based maritime navigation, SpaceNav
  • Advanced Techniques for Forest Biomass and Biomass Change Mapping Using Novel Combination of Active Remote Sensing Sensors, AdvancedSAR
  • Security System for Maritime Infrastructures, Ports and Coastal zones, SECTRONIC
  • Using satellite data and coastal HF radar to map and validate sea surface currents and to detect ships in Skagerrak, SaRaCuS
  • Spaceborne radar measurements of sea ice parameters for climate models (Climatice) 
  • Retrieval of wind with spaceborne SAR for polar oceans and coastal regions (KustVind) 
  • Retrieval of forest biomass and biomass change with spaceborne SAR 
  • 3D Forest Parameter Retrieval from TanDEM-X Interferometry 
  • Radar remote sensing of sea ice in the Polar regions 
  • GlobBiomass 
  • ALOS Kyoto and Carbon Initiative (K&C), JAXA K&C
  • Maritime Underwater System Tools, MUST

Non Chalmers publications

Eriksson, L. E. B., Santoro, M., Wiesmann, A., and Schmullius, C., "Multi-temporal JERS repeat-pass coherence for growing stock volume estimation of Siberian forest"
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 41, 7, pp. 1561-1570, 2003.

Eriksson, L. E. B., Drinkwater, M., Holt, B., Valjavek, E., and Nortier, O., "SIR-C polarimetric radar results from the Weddell sea, Antarctica"
Proceedings of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 1998, Seattle, USA, 6-10 July, pp. 2222-2224, 1998.

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