Lars-Erik Eriksson

Professor Emeritus

I was appointed professor in september 2002, within the the Division of Fluid Dynamics. My main field of interest is numerical simulation of compressible flow (CFD) and computational aero-acoustics (CAA). I have a long background in the CFD area, starting back in the late 1970:s. My focus is in general on propulsion oriented topics such as turbo-machinery flow problems, inlet flow, duct flow, combustor flow, nozzle flow, etc. Computational methods for the prediction and analysis of compressor performance including noise emissions and large-eddy simulation techniques for jet noise predictions are of special interest at the moment. Another area of interest is large-eddy simulation for combustion-related problems and also computational methods for the extraction of aero-acoustic eigenmodes. A third research area is the exploitation of CFD methods in shape optimization problems.

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