Larisa Beilina

Professor, Mathematical Sciences

My main research interests are concentrated on the solution of ill-posed and Coefficient Inverse Problems (CIPs) PDE using an adaptive finite element and on the globally convergent numerical methods for CIPs. Adaptive finite element method for hyperbolic CIPs was developed in my PhD thesis in 2003 and the globally convergent method was developed together with prof. M.V.Klibanov from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA in 2008. In 2011 the globally convergent method was verified on the blind experimental data in the field collected by the Forward Looking Radar of the US Army Research Laboratory.

​Courses taught:

MVE255: Matematisk Analys i Flera Variabler M (TD)

Forskarutbildningskurs 2009/2010
Numerical Methods for solution of Coefficient Inverse Problems

Forskarutbildningskurs 2011
Electromagnetic fields and waves: Mathematical models and numerical methods

Master Program at the University of Basel
Master Program at University of Basel 04/05

Since 2007 I collaborate with prof.M.V.Klibanov from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, USA, and since 2010 with prof. Michael Fiddy from Optical Center of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on the topic of  Globally convergent numerical methods for multidimensional CIPs.

I'm also three-years (2010-2013) grant holder and PI for the Project "Adaptive finite element methods for solutions of inverse problems'" supported by the Swedish Institute, Visby Program. This is the collaborative project between Chalmers University of Technology and GU, and 5 leading Universities in Russia (Moscow Lomonosov State University; International Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics, Moscow; Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk; Institute for System Analysis of The Russian Academy of Science, Moscow; Penza State University of Architecture and Building). Project includes two-sided scientific exchange, PhD student supervision and yearly workshop organization. Main idea of the project is development of new mathematical idea - adaptivity technique - to the solution of CIP in imaging using electromagnetic waves as well as in signal reconstruction in scanning electron tomography.

​I am Principal Investigator of the projects

• Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Solutions of Inverse Problems supported by the Swedish Institute, Visby Program.
• Global convergence and adaptive finite element methods for the solution of Coefficient Inverse Problems for Maxwell equations supported by the Swedish Research Council
• WavES supported by the Swedish Institute and by the Swedish Research Council 

Article on research:

L. Beilina, "Solving the unsolvable", International Innovation, Research Media, UK, pp 112-114, ISSN 2041-4552, March 2013


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