Kristina Wärmefjord

Professor at the division of Product Development. Deputy Head of Department at the Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Kristina Wärmefjord took her PhD 2011 and works within the research group of “Geometry Assurance & Robust Design”. Her main research focus is on variation simulation for non-rigid parts and methods to decrease the gap between simulated values and the real outcomes, i.e. increase the accuracy of non-rigid variation simulations. With an increased accuracy, quality can be improved, simulations can replace physical prototypes and costs can be reduced.

The work is done in close collaboration with a number of companies, mostly in automotive and aerospace industry.

Kristina is the assistant director of Wingquist Laboratory VINN Excellence Center and project leader for the projects “Smart Assembly” and “Virtual Robust Design and Simulation Methods”.
PPU156 ”Datorstödd Maskinkonstruktion”

​Area of Advance Production
Watch Kristina talk about Sustainable Product Development in the Youtube movie.

"Natural variation makes every small piece on earth unique. When small pieces are put together into a larger piece, a product, this variation must be taken into consideration in order to achieve the right functionality and quality of the product. Kristina Wärmefjord presents research performed within Chalmers' Production Area of Advance which has helped the aerospace industry to make lighter engines by putting together small pieces.​"

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