Julia Werneke

Post Doctoral Researcher

Julia Werneke is a postdoc at the department of Applied Mechanics, division of Vehicle Safety. Within this division, she belongs to the research group Accident Prevention.

She received her Ph.D. in psychology in 2012 from TU Braunschweig, Department of Traffic and Engineering Psychology. Julia has previously worked at the German Aerospace Centre, Institute of Transportation Systems in Braunschweig.

Her research interests lie in the area of intersection safety, specifically for the purpose of understanding accident causation and prevention, as well as in naturalistic driving data and Human Factors in the research field of Traffic Safety in general.

DCBIN (Driver Comfort Boundaries in Intersection Negotiation):
The aim of this project is to obtain and apply naturalistic, on-road, and test track data to define comfort zone boundaries for drivers passing through different intersection situations.

The main goal of the project is to illustrate the strength of a using external naturalistic datasets for analysing pre-crash behaviours and performing analysis on crashes and near-crashes based on recorded video. The project will provide knowledge about what causes real accidents and what can be done about them.

The aim of the project is to collect naturalistic data from the bicycle and cyclist in real traffic in Gothenburg in order to identify relevant indicators for road safety as well as to assess the accident risk of cyclists in different situations, and thus to increase bicycle safety.

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