Jorrit Gosens

Post Doc, Technology Management and Economics

Jorrit Gosens is a post-doctoral researcher at Environmental Systems Analysis. His work is focused on developing econometric models of innovation systems for renewable energy. These models are designed to account for RD&D activity, the formation of markets and manufacturing industries, the policies that support these processes, etc.. Jorrit previously obtained a PhD Environmental Economics and management from the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), an institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This thesis dealt with the emergence and global competitiveness of China’s ‘Technological Innovation Systems’ in renewable power sectors.

Selected publications: 

Gosens, Jorrit, Yonglong Lu, Guizhen He, Bettina Bluemling, and Theo AM Beckers. "Sustainability effects of household-scale biogas in rural China."Energy Policy 54 (2013): 273-287.
Gosens, Jorrit, and Yonglong Lu. "Prospects for global market expansion of China’s wind turbine manufacturing industry." Energy Policy 67 (2014): 301-318.
Wang, Yufei, Jorrit Gosens, Hailin Wang, and Zhengping Hao. "China’s increasingly positive and active stance on climate change." Environmental Science and Technology-Columbus 45, no. 7 (2011): 2525.
Li, Li, Yonglong Lu, Yajuan Shi, Tieyu Wang, Wei Luo, Jorrit Gosens, Peng Chen, and Haiqian Li. "Integrated technology selection for energy conservation and PAHs control in iron and steel industry: Methodology and case study.​" Energy Policy 54 (2013): 194-203.

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