Jörgen Blennow

Associate Professor, Head of Division of Electric Power Engineering, Electrical engineering.
Dean of education for the educational area EDIT-I
(Electric, computer, IT and industrial engineering)

Jörgen Blennow is an Associate Professor in High Voltage Engineering. His main research focus is experimental techniques for studies of phenomena in electrical high voltage insulation systems. It includes measurements of partial discharges, high frequent high currents and dielectric response in oil impregnated insulation systems as well as studies of electrical treeing in polyethylene and current damages in wind turbine bearings. Presently he is main supervisor for two Ph.D.-students and assistant supervisor for two. He also takes part in CIGRÉ-working groups.
MTT035 High Voltage Engineering 7,5 cr,
MTT040 High Voltage Technology 7,5 cr,
EEK136 Environmental and power technology 7,5 cr,
MTTX04 Master thesis, 30 cr,
MTTX01 Degree project, 15 cr,
Ph.D.-student courses,
Commissioned courses

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