Jóna Marin Olafsdottir

PhD Student

Jóna Marín holds a master's degree in mechatronics from Chalmers and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Iceland. She started her PhD studies at the Division of Vehicle safety in February 2012. The focus of her research is finite element human body models with active musculature. Human body models are used to simulate the interaction between the human and vehicle safety systems in pre-crash and crash scenarios with the ultimate goal of improving the vehicle's protective systems. To predict the human response a representation of the muscle reflex is important, particularly in low velocity crashes and pre-crash situations. In order to model the muscle reflex a better understanding of the muscle recruitment strategies is needed. This knowledge can be gained from experiments with human volunteers in simulated pre-crash or impact scenarios.
​Impact Biomechanics Engineering of Automotive Systems Vehicle and Traffic Safety Bachelor Project (Spring 2013)

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