Johan Veiga Benesch

Scientific Coordinator for Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology : WACQT.
Project manager Graphene FET Flagship

At WACQT, as a scientific coordinator, I act as the central contact person, support the researchers with reporting and planning, help with recruitments, etc.

In the Graphene FET Flagship I work in the central project administration team where I deal with financial reporting and issues, and handle changes to the EU-agreement (amendments). I have been involved with ethics and technical reporting, also an internal database of project-related materials and related metrology and standardisation.

For well over a decade, I’ve been working with external funding of R&D project and project management. By training I'm a material scientist (MSc) with PhD on cascade activation on biomaterials & PostDoc in biopolymer adsorption on biomaterials. I've solid knowledge of optical measurements technologies, with some knowledge in tissue engineering and IT applications for health and well-being. Co-authored ca 20 scientific articles and a handful reports. I've worked with European research policy support (FP7 NMP calls and funding, Raw Materials Initiative, and materials for the Strategic Energy Technology Plan) and consultancy.

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