Jan Froitzheim

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Energy and Material, Environmental Inorganic Chemistry 1

Jan Froitzheim’s main research interest is in high temperature corrosion, with a focus on metallic materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). Fuel Cell technology allows for a much more efficient electricity production compared to today’s technology. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are a specific type of fuel cells that operate at high temperatures (600-1000°C).
Jan works mainly with Fe-22%Cr steels that were specifically developed for SOFC applications. His work concentrates on the investigation of the effect of nano-coatings (~0,00001mm thick) on the corrosion behavior of these steels. By choosing the right coating it is possible to increase the lifetime of the fuel cell and improve other important surface properties of the steel. Different aspects of this research are carried out within the frameworks of a number of Swedish, Nordic and EU projects and in close cooperation with companies such as Sandvik Materials Technology and Topsoe Fuel Cells.

Jan supervises three PhD students at the moment.
Corrosion (KBT095), Lecturer

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