Ivan Sanchez-Diaz

Associate Professor, Technology Management and Economics

Ivan Sanchez-Diaz is an Associate Professor at the Division of Service Management and Logistics. His research focuses on freight demand modeling and the design of urban freight transportation policy. His work involves the development of statistical analysis, behavioral models, and analytical models for freight transportation systems planning.

Supply Chain Analytics- TEK615: This course aims at providing an introduction to multiple methods and tools related to supply chain analytics that will allow the students to identify how supply chain analytics can benefit an organization, to identify what specific method should be applied to solve a specific problem, to use existing software to analyse data and interpret the results.

Sustainable Transportation- TEK 465:  This course discusses technological measures and political initiatives to reduce the unsustainable impacts of the transport sector. The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the character and scale of the problem and the challenges of potential solutions.

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