Ignasi Fernandez

Associate Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Concrete Structures

Ignasi is an Associate Professor at the Division of Structural Engineering, researchgroup Concrete Structures. Ignasis research concerns the durability of concrete structures, with primary focus on the corrosion of reinforcement. An interdisciplinary approach that includes experiments / simulation / theory sought to deal with the degradation phenomena.
FEM course in advanced concrete structures, VBB048
Konstruktionsteknik, BMT020
Structural systems, VBB122
I. Fernandez, M.F. Herrador, A.R. Mari, J.M. Bairán, Structural effects on serviceability due to reinforcement steel bars corrosion of statically-undetermined concrete members

I. Fernandez,  J.M. Bairán, A.R. Mari, Corrosion effects on the mechanical properties of reinforceing steel bars.            Fatigue and σ–ε behavior, Constr. Build. Mater. 101 (2015) 772–783. doi:10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2015.10.139.

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