Huadong Yao

Associate Professor

Hua-Dong Yao is researcher in the division of Fluid Dynamics. His academic background is in Turbulence Modeling for Large Eddy Simulation Applied to Computational Aeroacoustics (PhD), Aero-Vibro-Acoustics and Fluid-Structure Interaction. One of his present research interests focuses on flow-induced noise using hybrid methods integrating acoustic analogy, CFD methods and FEM. Examples are airframe noise (high-lift devices and landing gears), vehicle wind noise (the exterior and interior of cabs), fan noise and propeller noise. Another present interest is fluid-structure interaction using strong-coupling partitioned numerical methods. An example is whiplash nerve injury caused by impulsive blood pressure. His recent new interests are the tribology of gearboxes as well as the psychoacoustics of flow-induced noise.

​I have given a couple of guest lectures for the OpenFOAM course and the Aeroacoutics course, and mentored some projects in the master courses, for example Biomechanics. Some activities in 2013-2014 are shown below:

1. The assignment supervisor for the course, TME196 – Impact Biomechanics, run by Johan Davidson in the Vehicle Safety division. The responsibility focused on the whiplash nerve injury.

2. The assistant for the project course, the Francis turbine rig, run by Håkan Nilsson. The works were to teach Simulink and to help student build the Simulink model for the rig.

3. The lecture of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) in the international course, OpenFOAM, run by Håkan Nilsson. The content is to teach the FSI solver of OpenFOAM.

4. The co-supervisor for an international master student with the Erasmus scholarship. The project is run by Mats Svensson.  The project subject is validation of the whiplash nerve injury model with an experimental database

MTF115 - Heat Transfer, examiner and teacher.

TME136 - Programming i Matlab, teaching assistant. ​

Published: Mon 24 Jun 2013. Modified: Mon 18 Mar 2019