Michael Heron

Senior lecturer, Interaction Design division, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

My primary research interests are in accessibility, computer games, and accessibility in computer games. I believe inclusivity in technology to be one of the most important elements for ensuring that all members of society can participate equally within the emerging digital economy, and that lack of access to technology can be stigmatizing, especially when considering younger individuals and entertainment technology. I am also an academic critic of video games. I am also interested in the accessibility of tabletop games which I see as being part of a growing convergence of tabletop games and video games into simply ‘games’.

Linked to this is an ongoing interest in computer ethics, social responsibility, and professional issues. Much of my work in other areas includes a strong dose of ethic and moral investigation even when it is not the primary focus.

I am also the site editor and main writer for Meeple Like Us, a board game blog focused on the accessibility of board games.

You can read more about my interests and projects here.

Published: Mon 17 Feb 2020.