Henrik Ström

Professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Fluid Dynamics

Henrik Ström is Professor in Multiphase Flows. He also holds a position as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering at NTNU. His research activities concern modelling and simulations of multiphase flows, reactive flows and rarefied flows. He works at several different levels of abstraction, from the molecular level up to the continuum level, and preferably in interdisciplinary collaborations across the dividing lines of traditional subject areas.
Henrik's pedagogical qualifications have undergone peer review at docent level, and he received the Diploma of Higher Education in 2016. He has been awarded the Mechanical Engineering students' pedagogical prize Gyllene Pekpinnen three times and the Engineering Physics students' pedagogical prize Guldäpplet once.

TME136 - Programming and algorithmic thinking (4,0 p)
Henrik is the examiner and lecturer in the course Programming and algorithmic thinking. The course is compulsory for the Mechanical Engineering program (1st year) and is given in study period 1. The course is given in Swedish.

​TME055 - Fluid mechanics (4,5 p)
Henrik is the examiner and lecturer in the course Fluid mechanics. The course is an elective course for the Engineering Physics program (3rd year) and is given in study period 2. The course is given in Swedish.

Henrik also participates regularly as a lecturer in courses at the doctoral level.
A main focus of Henrik's research is on the mathematical modelling of reactive multiphase flows in industrial processes. Examples of such processes can be found in energy production (e.g. thermochemical conversion), phase changes (e.g. boiling, vaporization, cavitation), regime changes (e.g. atomization, meso-scale instabilities) and pollution control (e.g. water purification and exhaust gas aftertreatment). Additional areas of specific interest involve transport processes and chemical reactions in rarefied particulate flows, as well as the development of efficient tools for the numerical investigation of complex multiphase flows involving more than two phases. 
​Henrik has active collaborations with a broad range of companies and research institutes, nationally as well as internationally. You are always welcome to contact Henrik if you have thoughts or ideas about a problem around which you believe that a collaboration with academia could be valuable!

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