Helena Strömberg

Senior Lecturer, and Director of Master's Programme in Industrial Design Engineering, at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Helena Strömberg studies the role that design of products and services can play for creating the preconditions for sustainable everyday activities. She applies user-centred design methodology to explore which new demands emerge when products and services should enable new sustainable ways of solving people's everyday needs, function as a part of sharing schemes or product service systems, or support more resource efficient interaction patterns. The goal is to find ways of facilitating adoption of sustainable innovations and activities. The central application area is sustainable mobility. Helena is also the Director of Chalmers Master's programme in Industrial Design Engineering.
​Helena’s teaching activities include both lecturing on aspects of human cognition related to product design as well as supervision of projects in courses on theory and methods connected to user-centred design and Master’s thesis projects.

​Area of Advance Transport

European Bus System of the Future, TeleFOT

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