Hafez Shurrab

PhD, Technology Management and Economics

Hafez Shurrab is a PhD at the division of Supply and Operations Management in Production and Operations Management. Hafez studies tactical planning processes that drive project-based manufacturing. Typically, project-based manufacturing is set up to respond to demand characterized by highly customized needs such as the so-called "engineering-to-order" (ETO) markets. The purpose of the research is to investigate how tactical planning helps to balance customer demand and supply capacity in such an ETO context.
The implication of research is expected to provide insights into how to adapt and develop tactical planning processes and related tools in a more integrated way so that decision-makers at different levels encounter less uncertainties about resource allocation and higher flexibility for problem solving. This will eventually lead to better use of resources and more effective investments.

Tutoring and assessment assignments in the following courses:

ITR233 Logistics​

TEK275 Projects in Supply Ch​ain Management

ITR573 Modelling and Simulation

TEK420 Operations planning and control​​​

Information system for managing design guidelines for manufacturing: A case study at Volvo Car Group

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