Elke Miedema

Postdoc, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural Theory and Methods

Elke Miedema is a Postdoc researcher at Architectural Methods & Theory. She holds a MSc degree in Architecture for TU Delft (2012) and a PhD in Architecture from Chalmers University of Technology (2020). Her research interest focus on health (promotion) and the built environment, mainly building design and empowering individuals and communities to take control over factors that influence their health. Her goal is to develop knowledge on the role of building design for healthier, more equitable communities. The majority of her work focuses on healthcare settings, such as the hospital or healthcare clinic, but has also included urban redevelopment and (home)workplaces. She is currently active in Furbish Sustainable Hospitals (FSH) research group and focuses on (re)design of healthcare buildings with attention for both health-related outcomes for building users as well as environmental sustainability.

Elke has, besides research, also been involved in education, both as a tutor, critic, course development and planning, as well as initiating and organizing seminars and workshops surrounding design teaching.

Page manager Published: Wed 14 Oct 2020.