Elad Schiller

Associate professor, Computer and Network Systems division, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Elad Michael Schiller is interested in both in the theory of distributed computing and its applications to new and existing systems and technologies. He is an expert in self-stabilizing systems for a variety of settings including dynamic large-scale systems such as mobile ad-hoc networks. In addition, he explores new settings, such as systems that have to handle selfishness in addition to defending against malicious adversaries. The application of this theory is especially important for cooperative systems, such as vehicular systems and networks (VANETs).
Computer Networks (EDA387), Seminar in Computer Systems and Networks (DAT145), Masterclass in Areas of advance: Autonomous and Cooperative Vehicular Systems (DAT285) and Director of the Master Program in Computer Systems and Networks (MPCSN).

Page manager Published: Wed 15 Dec 2021.