Fredrick Ekman

PhD student at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Fredrick Ekman, MSc in Industrial Design Engineering is a doctoral student at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. In his work Fredrick Ekman investigates which factors affects trust in the human-machine interaction in self-driving vehicles (AD), and in which way. Building trust is a complex process and a fundamental piece of creating acceptance for AD-vehicles, as well as to create a positive experience for the user. The purpose of his PhD project is to create a better understanding regarding users' trust in automated systems, and the goal is to create guidelines that assists HMI designers in creating an appropriate level of trust in self-driving vehicles, with the vision to achieve a safer- and greater driving experience for the user. Interviews, questionnaires and observations are examples of methods used, to understand users trust for automated systems and vehicles.
Creating Appropriate Trust for Autonomous Vehicle Systems: A Framework for HMI Design - CPL Pubid: 225945

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