Divia Jimenez Encarnacion

PhD Student, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology, Urban Metabolism

Divia Jiménez Encarnación is a PhD student within the subject of Sharing Economy.

Divia´s research focuses on quantifying the sustainability benefits of sharing economy initiatives in neighborhoods and districts. Divia also investigates sharing from the perspective of consumers. This research aims to support strategic policymaking, but also real-state actors who intend to include sharing as a tool for sustainability in their projects.

In addition to her research, Divia teaches in the subjects of Sharing Economy, Qualitative Research and Strategic Literature Searching.
ACE095 – Infrastructure and Urban Systems
ACE155 – Urban metabolism and resources
ACEX10 – Bachelor´s thesis in Civil and Environmental Engineering
ACEX30 - Master’s thesis in Architecture and civil engineering

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