Antonio Cobaleda Cordero

PhD student at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Antonio is an Industrial Design Engineer from Spain, with a strong interest on product design and development as well as on the user experience that they provide. His research focuses on the relationships between the design of office landscapes (e.g. spatial features, layout, functions, artefacts and environmental conditions) and employee wellbeing.
Seminars and workshops in Visual Brand Identity and Product Design, Design for Sustainable Behaviour, Design for Experience. Supervision of master students in course projects and master thesis projects.
Cobaleda Cordero, A., Rahe, U., Wallbaum, H., Jin, Q., Forooraghi, M. (2017). “Smart and Sustainable Offices (SSO): Showcasing a holistic approach to realise the next generation offices”. Informes de la Construcción, 69(548): e221, doi:

Cobaleda, A. and Babapour, M. (2017). "Discrepancies between intended and actual use in Activity-based Flexible Offices - A literature review". NES 2017. Joy at work. 20-23 August 2017. Lund University, Lund. Sweden.

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