Christian Sandström

Associate Professor, Technology Management and Economics and connected to Center for Business Innovation
Programme Director Management and Economics of Innovation

Christian Sandström is an Associate Professor at the Division of Science, Technology and Society, and Center for Business Innovation (CBI). He holds a M.Sc. in economics from Göteborg University and a M.Sc. in management and economics of innovation from Chalmers. He defended his PhD thesis on "A revised perspective on Disruptive Innovation - Exploring Value, Networks and Business Models" in October, 2010.

His main interests of research concern technological change, discontinuous innovations and the challenges they present for firms. His teaching activities are within the MEI programme where he lectures about economics, discontinuous innovation and innovation management where he was also teaching prior to starting his PhD studies.

Teaches mainly within the MEI programme.

​Articles on Christian Sandström

Christian Sandström talked about disruptive innovations at Esbri (, 130628)

In the beginning of June Christian Sandström held a seminar titled “Disruptive innovations – about Kodak Moments and the Nokia collapse” at an Esbri event.


Published: Mon 07 Mar 2016.