Cecilia Berlin

Associate Professor at the division of Design & Human Factors, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Cecilia Berlin is Associate Professor at the division of Design & Human Factors, where her research focuses on ergonomics in a broad sense and how human abilities and limitations interact with the conditions provided by the (intentional) design of the work environment. The research aims to support a parallel increase in human well-being and system performance in different occupational settings, in particular manufacturing industry and production. Her research aims to contribute to improved health from a preventive (with regard to injuries, discomfort and impaired performance) and salutogenic perspective.
Ergonomics is a strong enabler for the healthy work system of the future, which should be characterized by outstanding ergonomics, safety, comfort and attractiveness. Over the years, Cecilia's research has spanned (industrial) social sustainability, global challenges, the economic effects of ergonomics and the importance of successful collaboration between various stakeholders in workplace design. The aim of the research is to increase knowledge about how socially sustainable workplaces of the future will be designed to provide the best possible conditions to support and extend human abilities.
Cecilia teaches in ergonomics-, ethics- and research methodology-related topics in various courses at Chalmers, is frequently hired as a speaker for industry, authorities and the general public both nationally and internationally, and as a guest lecturer at other universities in Sweden.

Course examiner for:
IMS040, Ergonomics
MPP027, Production Ergonomics and Work Design

Lecturer in:

PPU215, Research Methodology in Production Projects

LMU055, Human - Technology

MMT010, Ergonomics

IMS035, IDE Project

PPU061, Human-Machine Systems

IMSX15, Kandidatarbete Teknisk Design 

FPPU025, Systems Theory MTD

FPPU015, Research Methodology MTD

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