Cathy Horellou

Professor, Department of Space Earth and Environment, Astronomy and Plasma Pysics, Extragalactic Astronomy

Cathy works on galaxies and clusters of galaxies. She is interested in clusters as such, but also as cosmological probes.

Her expertise is in the submm-to-radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Such observations reveal the physical conditions of galaxies and of the intra-cluster plasma.

She also has a strong interest in theory and modeling - see her recent paper on helical magnetic fields. Since April 2014 Cathy is the Director of the Master's program in Physics and Astronomy at Chalmers and of the corresponding Master's program in Physics at Gothenburg University.
​​Galaxies and Observational Cosmology (RRY 091/ASM410), 4th year course​.
​To see which research projects Cathy Horellou participates in, please visit the database Chalmers research.

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