Carlos Xisto

Senior Researcher

I'm a senior researcher (associate professor) at the Division of Fluid Dynamics, Dep. of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences. My main research interest revolves around the development of radical propulsion concepts for aerospace. My main fields of expertise include compressible flow, computational fluid dynamics, turbomachinery, gas turbine performance, pulsed detonation combustion, plasma dynamics, and magnetohydrodynamics. I'm actively engaged in the investigation of novel concepts of gas turbine engines for mid-century applications. I am also supervising the development of magnetohydrodynamic and plasma dynamic numerical models, to predict the generation and manipulation of weakly ionized plasma flow in hypersonic aircraft or re-entry vehicles. My ambition is to take part in the development of concepts that could significantly improve the efficiency of air transport and contribute to a sustainable and greener future in aviation.

Page manager Published: Sat 06 Feb 2021.