Britt-Marie Wilen

Professor/Head of Division, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Britt-Marie is a Professor and Head of Division at the Division of Water Environment Technology, and leader of the research theme Process techniques for wastewater treatment. She specializes in wastewater treatment, focusing on biological and chemical processes in activated sludge and biofilm processes.

Britt-Marie researches separation processes with a main focus on disc filtration and activated sludge floc formation. She performs this work in collaboration with Gryaab to create a clearer water which meets the new guidelines that have been introduced regarding phosphorous.

Britt-Marie also researches nitrogen removal processes, particularly the use of anammox when removing nitrogen during wastewater treatment. She also works with aerobic granular sludge. This work is carried out in collaboration with professor Malte Hermansson at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Göteborg.

​Britt-Marie is the director of the International Master Programme Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering.
It is possible to obtain a double degree with MPIEE & WAREM at the University of Stuttgart, Germany  or a Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering at the Danish Technical University, Lyngby or at NTNU (the Technical University of Trondheim in Norway)

Britt-Marie is responsible for the course Wastewater Engineering and teaches the courses:
Wastewater engineering, BOM09 
Drinking water engineering, BOM07
Water Resources Engineering, BOM150


​Chalmers Areas of Advance:

Building Futures

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