Bri Gauger

Postdoc, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural theory and method

Bri Gauger is a postdoc researcher at ACE in the Architectural Theory and Methods division. She holds a master's degree in Planning from the University of Southern California (2014) and a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning with a graduate certificate in Women's Studies from the University of Michigan (2020). Bri's PhD thesis, Urban Planning and its Feminist Histories, examined women's activism and feminist thought in the American planning academy from the 1960s to the present. Relying on original oral history accounts from planning scholars, the project explored how ideas and strategies traveled between feminism and planning and examined the institutional and informal practices shaping the meanings of feminism in planning and related fields.

Bri's research interests include intellectual and social movement history, feminist methodology and pedagogy, and social and community planning. At ACE, she researches institutional equity as part of the GENIE initiative and studies the history of Swedish women architects.

Page manager Published: Tue 25 May 2021.