Bengt Steen

Professor Emeritus, Technology Management and Economics

Bengt Steen, got his PhD in chemical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology 1975. He was employed by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute 1968 as an environmental scientist and held various positions there until 1996. 1996 he joined Chalmers again as an adjunct professor. His research initially was focused on measurement techniques, but during the 1980ies the research was mostly on mechanisms of generation and impacts of air pollutants.

Since 1990 his research is focused on Environmental Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). Of particular interest to him has been the monetary valuation of environmental impacts, and he has been one of the developers of the EPS system, an LCA tool for product development. He has also been active in the ISO work to develop international standards for LCA, eco-efficiency and monetary valuation or environmental impacts. He was converer in the working groups for eco-efficiency and monetary valuation. 2012 he got the SETAC Europe Life Time Award for Outstanding Achievements in LCA.

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