Behabitu Ergette Tebikachew

Post Doc; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Chemistry/Industrial Materials Recycling

BET obtained his PhD in Chemistry with Prof. Kasper Moth-Poulsen and prof. Nina Kann at Chalmers University of Technology. His previous research focused on the design and synthesis of photoactive molecules for surface modification, solar energy storage and single molecule electronics. Currently, he is working with Prof. Mark Foreman as a postdoctoral researcher. His current research interests are on the synthesis of Ligands for the extraction of Lithium from spent Lithium-ion battery waste. The goal of his current project is to recycle and reuse valuable metals such as Lithium. In doing so, the project further aims to minimize practices associated with mineral mining that negatively impact our environment. His other research interests are on the design and synthesis of conjugated polymers and photoactive small molecules.

Page manager Published: Fri 13 Mar 2020.