Beata Stahre Wästberg

PhD, senior researcher, Interaction Design division, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
Research Group: DiVisual - Dialogue and visualization for urban transformation. Deputy director, Visualization Research Gothenburg.

Beata Stahre Wästberg is an architect and a researcher within the transdisciplinary field of visualization within urban planning processes, and takes an interest in the use of visualization as a tool for communication and dialogue in these contexts. In recent years Beata’s research has focused on the problems of visualizing abstract parameters of the urban environment (such as air pollution and sound) in 3D city models. The driving force is to provide greater understanding of the impact of these factors to different target groups in urban transformation processes. Another research interest lies in exploring how the visual expression of virtual environments best can be adapted to different phases of the design process. Beata has a master in Architecture from Chalmers and the Kent Institute of Art & Design. She defended her thesis in February 2009.

Published: Thu 06 Dec 2012. Modified: Thu 05 Jul 2018