Astrid Pieringer

Assistant professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Applied Acoustics, Vibroacoustics. Head of Master Programme MPSOV, Sound and Vibration

Astrid Pieringer is a assistant professor at the Division of Applied Acoustics, in the research group Vibroacoustics. She has been part of the Vibroacoustics Group at Applied Acoustics since 2006. Her research as an Assistant Professor is dedicated to rolling noise and curve squeal noise from railway operations. She focuses on the modelling of high-frequency wheel/rail interaction and contact modelling. The aim of her research is to increase the understanding of noise generation by the wheel/rail contact and to contribute to noise reduction. The work forms part of the activities in the centre of excellence CHARMEC.
​Audio Technology and Acoustics (VTA 135)

Published: Mon 15 Apr 2019.