Åsa Fasth Berglund

Associate Professor at the division of Production Systems, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Åsa Fast-Berglund is an Associate Professor in Information Management at the division of production system which focus on Levels of Automation, task and resource allocation. Åsa's research area focuses at how and why companies chose different automation solutions and what consequences this choice has on the work environment for the operators. The Levels of Automation is measured and analysed based on two different focuses: physical automation and cognitive automation. The Physical automation treats different mechanical tools i.e WITH WHAT to assemble. The cognitive automation treats different types of ICT tools and supervision tools i.e HOW, WHAT to assemble and situation awareness.

The aim is that companies can design a production system in a structured way with the most advantageous cognitive and physical Level of Automation to cope with future changes. This will result in competitive benefits such as; Flexibility - the ability to adapt to the changes, both internal and external.
Proactivity - the ability to transform unplanned changes to planned without losses in effectiveness and profitability.

Examiner: "Automatiseringsteknik" (LMT108) , "Introduktion till mekatronik" (PPU151) and "Automatisering i produktionssystem "(PPU235)
​Area of Advance Production

Published: Mon 28 Jan 2013. Modified: Mon 23 Oct 2017