Arezou Baba Ahmadi

Doctoral student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology

Arezou Babaahmadi is a doctoral student at the Divison of Buildning Technology, in the research group Building Materials, at Chalmers. Her project concerns durability of the cementitious materials used for repositories of nuclear waste. She focuses her research on acceleration methods, chemical and mineralogical analysis, instrumental analysis: XRD, XRF, IC, ICP, SEM/EDS, and IR.

The goal is: to investigate various accelerated aging tests in order to find suitable regimes for manufacturing the aged cementitious materials without significantly distorting the properties of the material from the natural aging processes, as well as Laboratory investigation of physical and chemical properties of “young” and aged cementitious materials, including mechanical properties, transport properties (diffusivity), binding (adsorption) capacities, surface complexation (charge) behaviors, and chemical and mineralogical stabilities.

Material Performance BOM056

Heat and Moisture Engineering BOM145

Published: Mon 21 Dec 2015.