Arash Eslamdoost

Associate Professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Marine Technology

He works in the area of applied hydrodynamics with an emphasis on computational fluid dynamics to understand the flow physics around marine vehicles. The goal of his research is to improve the performance of marine craft through reducing hull resistance as well as understanding the propulsor-hull interaction effects for identifying the potentials for minimizing energy losses in the flow. Arash's research can be summarized into the following categories:
• Propulsor-Hull Interaction
• Waterjet Propulsion
• Ship Hydrodynamics
• Computational Fluid Dynamics

Please read the ‘Collaboration and projects’ tab for more information about his research projects.

International Workshop on Waterjet Propulsion 2019

The third Inernational Workshop on Waterjet propulsion (IWWP) will take place in Shanghai (1-3 of December 2019). The workshop focus is the new achivements in research on waterjet propulsion. IWWP is organaized by China's Science and Technology on Water-jet Propulsion Laboratory and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Ship Engineering. Chalmers University of Technology is one of the co-organizers. You can download the call for papers for more information or read it on RINA.

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