Antonius Armanious

Post Doc, Nano and Biophysics, Department of Physics

I joined the biological physics division at Chalmers after finishing my PhD at ETH Zürich and a follow-up Postdoc at EPF Lausanne, during which I investigated interactions of viruses at solid-water interfaces in environmental, engineering, and biological systems.

In a broad sense, I am very interested in studying intermolecular and surface interactions of bio-macromolecules from a biophysical perspective, with the aim of elucidating the biological functions connected with these interactions.

In my current work, I focus on elucidate the profile (in the vertical, z, direction) of complex supported lipid bilayers (SLBs), for example SLBs composed of both synthetic and native cell membranes, and also to study the interactions of nanoparticles (especially the ones used for drug delivery), lipid-based vesicles, and viruses with SLBs. For this end, I use a variety of techniques, including x-ray reflectometry, neutron reflectometry, surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D).

I am also interested in advances in surface techniques for the purpose of real-time monitoring of binding energies and structural changes of bio-macromolecules at solid-water interfaces.

Page manager Published: Mon 27 Jan 2020.